Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Video Preview of My New OptiNelder Plugin

Video preview of my new OptiNelder plugin for Apple Motion, using Nelder-Mead search agents to crawl on an input image.


Multisample Antialiasing for FxPlugs

I finally implemented OpenGL Multisample Antialiasing in the context of an Apple FxPlug project. Took me a lot of time to figure this one out (why is it so hard to find clear implementation details on MSAA?). I hope I can save someone else the pain:


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kochanek Bartels Spline Class for Objective-C + OpenGL

A Kochanek Bartels spline is a lovely, flexible means for casting a curve through multiple points, and providing artistically useful control over the character of the curve. It is also known as a TCB spline, because the controls are Tension, Continuity, and Bias. It was originally developed for providing smooth keyframed animation control curves, but it is also useful for general graphics purposes. For one of my Apple Motion FxPlug projects, I developed a Objective C class to render a Kochanek Bartels spline in OpenGL. It includes an additional feature of interpolating colors between the target points.


I have placed the code on GitHub. Corrections/improvements welcomed.

And here's a taste of what happens if one sets the parameters outside of the standard -1 to 1 range. Here T = -4.38, C = -1.31, and B = 0.37: