Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Commission from Reykjavik Center for Visual Music

I am honored to have received an audiovisual commission from the Reykjavik Center for Visual Music for a new work to premiere at the Dark Days Festival, Iceland, in January 2014. I am also pleased to announce that my collaborator in the project is the wonderful composer Hugi Guðmundsson. In a significant shift for me, Hugi will be composing the music, and I will be creating the visuals, and we are aiming for this to be a live performance. So I am currently adapting my Brownian Doughnut Warper Motion plugin to OpenFrameworks to work in realtime, via OSC control.

Groping Towards the Question

Seth Godin makes the following point in his blog:

It might not be because you can't find the right answer.
It's almost certainly because you're asking the wrong question. 
The more aggressively you redefine the problem, the more likely it is you're going to solve it.
The most successful people I know got that way by ignoring the race to find the elusive, there's-only-one-and-no-one-has-found-it right answer and instead had the guts to look at the infinite landscape of choices and pick a better problem instead.

So, how do we know when it is time to redefine the problem?

Even if one has the "right" question, fortitude will be necessary to answer it.

As a result, the line between necessary commitment and possibly fruitless masochism often isn't clear.

If the boundary was clear, the work wouldn't really be research or art, would it?

For that matter, if the boundary was clear, life wouldn't be life, would it?

Carla Rees performing Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion July 3

The amazing flautist Carla Reese will perform Pater Noster's Tricyclic Companion again this summer at Nonclassical at the Macbeth in Hoxton, July 3, 2013. More information will be available at Carla's Rarescale web site. The work will also include works for alto flute and electronics, with Michael Oliva.