Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nodewebba Generative Music Software Now Available!

The first release of Nodewebba software is now available from, free and open source for Macintosh and Windows.

Nodewebba brings some distinctly wild and crazy music algorithms out of the research lab and into the home and professional studio. The musician can easily create a "web" of feedback-based pattern generators, producing surprisingly fresh and dynamic interlocking melodic and rhythmic patterns for use realtime performance or for studio-based productions.

See the Welcome to Nodewebba video for a taste of what it can do:


  1. Thanks so much to introduce this wonderful music generator. It's so lovely software. It's amazing creation.

    1. Thanks, Wen. (And sorry it took me until today to realize that I hadn't told Blogger to make your comment public!)

  2. I must say that nodewebba is the new trend on music making on the web! Nice tutorial too! Thanks for taking time to make this useful video, Bret!


  3. Great! I would be pleased to hear if you or someone you know uses Nodewebba in a project.